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1.) I love food
2.) I’m always hungry
3.) I’m always thirsty
4.) I’m always tired 
5.) favorite colors are blue,purple,and black
6.) favorite drinks are mtn dew or peace tea
7.) favorite food is a burger
8.) hair color is purple/brown/blonde.
9.) eyes are green
10.) I have a tattoo of Gir with Ev symbols in the eyes
11.) I love sharing food with my friends
12.) I always have a headache
13.) I’m only a morning person if there’s food and I get to go back to bed.
14.) favorite snack is pudding
15.) I get obsessed quickly.
16.) if it involves exercise,count me out.
17.) if you give me food,I’ll love you.
18.) I don’t trust eggs anymore.
19.) I hate people
20.) if you see me,smiling or not, you should probably stay away from me. I’m killing people constantly in my head. 

I’m not tagging anyone.

*frantically slams button*
Chili cheeseburger
I want some.
Wild hair and a waffle donut. Pretty good
Awwww hahaha
@hanniespice made French toast,grits,bacon,and potatoes.
I made us huge omelets 👍
Dinner brunch teamwork