Who does this? It’s gum in a piece of paper stuck to this chair on the bus.
Hugged by @lachrymosa1992 😘 I give hugs to everyone
#grumpycat I wanna go back to sleep.
My hair still has pink in it and my roots are still brown haha eh,it’s mainly purple. All good
I started a rainbow necklace yesterday in class and it was looking awful. I got schooled this morning. Look how awesome this is! Rainbow necklace :D I wish I made this. I’ll just have to make something good tomorrow.
Could use a better background to show it off better but yeah!
This morning when I was on the bus at a stop light. 
It cracked me up! 
I mean,I hate the Seahawks too but I wouldn’t put it on my truck. I’m surprised it’s not smashed yet.
People are crazy.
#jaredpadalecki #mcm